Skynet Charity

Affordable accounting made easy with charity financial management software

Specifically designed and easy-to-use for everyone, so your people can focus on what’s most important for your cause.


Financial management software for medium and large charity and non-profit organisations.

Easy to use

User friendly and straighfroward interface allows your users to easily work on the system.

Cloud based

Access and work on your data from anywhere, anytime with the software hosted on the cloud.

Multi locations

The cloud based and customisable system is ideal with setup for organisations with multiple locations.

Charity focused

Our accounting software is specifically created for charity and non-profit organisation needs.

Accounts management

Manage your organisation's transactions effortlessly

Easy to use and designed to handle complex financial transactions; our financial management software makes it easier for your organisation to manage your books and track expenditure.


Keep track of how much money comes in and goes out, including expenses. This system makes it easy to organise funds and keep everything in order.

Creating a transaction in charity financial software

Case management

Keep track of all your cases efficiently and make the right decisions

Increase productivity by eliminating the need for manual methods of record-keeping, making information easily accessible and reducing the risk of errors.


With the ability to automate routine tasks, case management software allows you to focus on making informed decisions and solving cases more efficiently.

SORP Compliant

Software to ease compliance with reporting requirements

Our software is fully compliant with Charity Commission Annual Return as outlined per SORP.


SORP compliance is important to maintain trust, demonstrating accountability and transparency in financial matters. By being SORP compliant, we help you show your commitment to your mission.

SORP compliance in charity financial software

Comprehensive reporting

Reduce admin time with easy to use comprehensive reporting

Automate the process of creating financial reports, freeing up staff time and resources.


Using our reporting feature meet the requirements of regulatory and financial institutions by generating reports, such as audit reports, annual reports, and financial statements.

Reporting in charity financial software

Web based

Software that is always available to volunteers and staff alike

Work on and access your data on the web from any location without the need for local computer installation.


Online accounting software that can be quickly and easily customised, and adapts to any size or setup of nonprofit, charity, church or organisation.

SORP compliance in charity financial software

Customise the system to your needs

Custom branding

Implement your brand colours and logo directly in the system to keep the interface relevant to you.

Bespoke modifications

Have the option to have software with custom modifications for your unique requirements.

Unique requirements

Setup the software system to work with whatever setup you need, with custom configuration.

Software Add-ons

Extra software that works together with branch accounting

Financial management software

Trusted by leading charities

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“The system is easy to operate and understand and at the touch of a button. No more time-consuming frustrating columns to formulate and calculate manually.”


“Skynet has designed a number of bespoke software for our organisation, which we are very pleased to have and use. They are user-friendly and simple to use.”


“The software is intuitive and easy to use for non-accountants. Skynet’s responsive and flexible service approach has allowed us to develop the right solution for CAMRA.”