Employee Self-Service

Clients of our Employee Self-Service module often praise the simplicity of use and the great visual display of information. As a web-based App it enables your employees to request holidays, absences and training, view their HR and Payroll information and, depending on their permission level, amend their own data, such as bank details and address, remotely. Providing your employees with this App means improving cost-efficiency while reducing the administrative burden on HR.
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The software is GDPR compliant and comes with full, built-in and customisable data analytics functionality.
Employee Self-Service is an optional add-on module for users of our HR Management software.


Manager authorisation is a built-in key functionality together with setting user definable rights, customisable information management dashboards and reporting.
Users can request for employee detail amendments and access requests to be routed for HR manager/line manager sign-off if required.


Employee Self-Service integrates easily into our other software modules like Time & Expense Management. With our new web-based App the user can add Project Management, Job Costing and Resource Scheduling as additional administrative functions.


Current and archived payslips as well as P60’s can be accessed by users of our Payroll module.