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Financial Forecasting

Financial forecasting charity software, getting you a 360-degree of your charity financials at all times, in real-time.

SkyEnterprise is our comprehensive, affordable and customisable scenario-based and collaborative financial modelling system.

Secure data

Safe and secure database storage, in the cloud or on a local server.

Unlimited users

Allows for an unrestricted number of employees and users for your system.

Multi locations

Allows to have and work with multi-branches, locations and multi-currency.

Charity focused

Our accounting software is specifically created for charity and non-profit organisation needs.

Financial forecasting

Choosing our Financial forecasting software for your charity includes:

Treasurers/Finance Directors can drill down into the actual cash flow drivers and use transaction levels.


The system allows for easy detection of the key sources of cash flow inflows and outflows, any current or upcoming cash flow shortfalls and periods of surplus.


Suits all charities and non profits requiring professional and easy-to-use Cash Flow Forecasting beyond Excel spreadsheets.

Why financial forecasting?

Financial forecasting for charities helps estimating future financial performance and sustainability of the organization, helping to identify and analyse various revenue streams, expenses, and assets to estimate the future revenue and expenses of the charity.

Financial forecasting also helps the charity prepare for potential risks and unforeseen circumstances. Financial forecasting is a critical process for charities because it helps ensure that they can meet their objectives and maintain their operations in the long run, even in the face of a changing economic environment and donor landscape.

Integrate financial forecasting software with

HR & Payroll management

HR / Payroll management software system for UK and international charities. HMRC compliant payroll management system.

Employee self-service

Support employees and empower managers. Web-based app enables your employees to request holidays, absences and training.

Project Management

Our leading project management software, includes project scheduling and project accounting, enables real-time management and reporting.