Smaller Charities

SkyBranch provides a professional, trusted and user-friendly Charity branch accounting system. Financial officers in charities usually spend significant time trying to consolidate and synchronize data from various branches and keeping records up-to-date. Our charity software was built in cooperation with leading UK charities to take the burden out of charity accounting.

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Charity Accounting Software – Web-based

Recruiting and retaining more funding and donors is a highly competitive business. The number of charities is growing as is the emphasis on charity governance. Demonstrating impact while overcoming public scrutiny for the use of funds is key for the charity’s ability to securing long-term funding and to making a long-term difference. Additionally, charities face resource constraints as they rely on volunteers who have other commitments and give their time and input, when they can.

Skynet helps you to use your resources more efficiently and achieve professional results. Our web-based charity accounting offers the same functionality as locally based accounting systems but additionally allows for account ledgers and reports to be accessed independent from the charity office location and independent of regular office hours. There is no need to install large & costly finance packages onto your computers.

SkyBranch saves you valuable time and resources better used towards fulfilling your charitable purpose.

Key Features

  • Branch profit and loss account
  • Common accounts ledgers and groups creation from the charity head quarter to all its branches
  • Monitoring of income and expenditure between funding sources (either restricted or unrestricted)
  • Fund Management
  • Financial Case Management
  • Debtors/Creditors Transactions
  • Cash Transactions
  • Adjusting of Journals
  • VAT Reporting
  • Trustees and Auditor Reporting
  • Charity Commission Annual Return as outlined per SORP
  • Year-end Hierarchy Sign-off
  • Ample financial reporting functionality with standardized or custom-built dashboards

Key Benefits

  • Web-based or installed on premise, whatever your preference and charity needs
  • Real time, multi companies and branches, multi users accounting application
  • Professional financial reporting functionality with standardized or customisable dashboards
  • Single user can access multiple branches with being given different access levels of authorization
  • Simple and secure multi-user authorization
  • Increases accountability and control with the added benefit of reducing time spent on the treasurer’s administrative tasks
  • The branch user can access their branch internet-based system from any computer and tablet in any location without local installation

SkyBranch has a strong track record and is used by well known charities and membership organisations. It supports you in making branch accounting straight forward and accessible for use by non-accountants.
The system is scaleable and is now equally available to charities and Not-For-Profits with one single branch.